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Every player will get the base rate at 1.6 Papi / hour by logging in the app every 24 hours and clicking the bee button. You do not need to keep the app open after clicking the bee button and you will automatically get hourly rate. You will stop after 24 hours until you have clicked the Papi button to start a new 24-hour session. Please note that the base rate as Pioneer will be reduced by 50% for 4 times depending on the growth of total user base until Papi Network ceases supply of Papi when there is 1 billion user worldwide. The base rate as Pioneer will be reduced from 1.6-> 0.8 (when grown to 100,000 users), 0.8 > 0.4 (when grown to 1 million users), 0.4 -> 0.2 (when grown to 10 million users), 0.2-> 0.1 (when grown to 100 million users) until supply becomes 0 when grown to 1 billion users.


Let’s enjoy together.

An Ambassador can refer new Pioneer to join your team which you will be able to interact with your team members and accomplish missions together in the upcoming in-app functions to be launched when the Papi Network project has entered next phases.

Verifier (Coming Soon in Phase 2)

Build the verified network of trust.

Please note that role of Verifier will only be launched in Phase 2. Papi Network ‘s objective is to build a gaming community with trusted members which every member can complete safe transactions of goods and services by exchange of Papi. Hence, we need verifiers to verify the identity of members bring them into your verified network. By doing so, you confirm:
・You know the person whom you have verified in person
・You trust they are ethical and not fraudulent
However, please note that you will need everyone in your security circle to successfully complete KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance process before you can utilize the full functions in next phases.

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